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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Security in Dubai

It was reported to me by a local sat next to me, as our plane touches down at Dubai international airport, that there is no crime in Dubai, the man smiled, you are safe here! I have been here before, while working in Asia and the Middle East, after the rigors of Afghanistan and Iraq, Dubai is somewhat of an oasis Of course the question is why? Because you have all the right ingredients here, for every level of crime. At the lower level, petty crime, you have people who come from countries where crime is a way of life, people with little or no money, coming from places where stabbings and murder are a daily event and at the top level, you have terrorism, Israelis Iranians, Indian and Pakistani all living side by side, back home they’d be either killing each other or paying someone else to do it

Yet here nothing! I’ve never heard of pickpocketing, break ins or stabbings, I’m sure it happens but nothing like the scale of most cities this size, It’s like, as if Dubai is a utopia in the dessert where all come to holiday and do business and then return home to fight and commit crime Is it that the penalties are severe enough to discourage such criminal activity, is it the right people get paid off or both, maybe there are other reasons?

I don’t have the answer, but I am interested in your thoughts I’d just like put this out there, open up a forum to see people’s opinions.


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Security in Dubai

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