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The team at Allenby are made up of former military personnel, who have worked within the Hostile environment community as team leaders, operators, medics and advisers, people who have been used to thinking outside the box while keeping to strict protocols, able to work within a fast moving and changing environment.  


Our teams have worked with government organisations, NGO’s, Oil & Gas, mining the media, commercial customers and High Value clients.


We pride ourselves on working with our clients in a professional manner, looking for solutions and providing assurance on the ground, using local nationals where needed to provide a seamless service. 

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Wayne Davis 

Company Director 

As a High Risk Advisor, I have worked and traveled to some of the worlds most Hostile areas, for over 2 decades. My experience has been gained through working as a Soldier, Operator, team leader and now a SECURITY ADVISER.

During my military career, I had the privilege to serve on 4 incredeble  operational deployments, Balkans, Iraq and 2 tours of Afganistan. Deploying to Kosvo as an Inteligence Officer and running complex Search Operations, Involving Air and Allied forces.  Including, my additional roll- collating and decimating, Intelligence reports and briefings to an International task forces. In Iraq- I organised theatre troop movments- Incorperating, their many Air assests that were available to us, eventually taking control of the units withdrawl, from Iraq into Kuwait. During my time in Afganistan, I worked with a small unit, recruiting local Nationals as Interpereters, then directing them to Operatinal bases, using various air assests and working closely with our International partners.

Upon leaving the Military and as a full time Close Protection Operative, adding some new Experiences including Somalia, provding-full protection and medical cover for a wide range of clients, such as Diplomats, Oil workers, police and low profile clients, endabeling them to go about their buisness- without us- it would not have been possible. 

As a High Risk Advisor, I have supported organisations in the Middle East, Including the retreat of Isis in Ramadi and Europe and the invasion of Ukraine. I have helped mitigate threats to reduce business and client risk, enabling the client, to work remotely with the minimum of support, providing pre-hospital and trauma, medical cover- to report and plan for a quick and safe extraction, linking with local Military and Emergency services, giving adivce on Military Equipment,

the danger and avoidence of unexploded ordinance.

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