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Providing Guidance, Reassurance and Protection


Travel can pose many risks when you are unfamiliar with your destination. Whether you are an NGO, corporate traveler or a university with students on a gap year, safety and security will be of concern to you.


Our consultants and advisers have had extensive experience of working in hostile enviroments, operating in regions of the world that have seen the worst conflicts in the last three decades.  Often working with support from local nationals, enabling our client to do their job in places that without our protection, it would not have been possible. 

We pride ourselves in avoiding conflict, using our soft skills and situational awareness, we've become adept at providing our clients with solutions for security problems in a challenging and unpredictable world.


Allenby International can provide a co-ordinated security plan with a range of tailor made packages suited to your travel needs and the security threat at your destination.  Depending on the threat we will employ local security teams, providing upto date and timely threat reports, enhancing our situational awareness and the ability to move through the country unhindered, local security teams will also aid in our 24 hour emergency response package, enabling a much faster responce time

Below you will find a sample of the services we can provid, our pre travel packages include but are not limited to information on:

  • Site security surveys

  • Cultural differences

  • Crime hotspots

  • Terrorism

  • Prevention and detection of occupational and operational stress

  • Immunisation 

  • Hygiene control

  • Local medical facilities

  • Coping with physical trauma 

  • Digital footprint and vulnerabilities


For more information please select our services 

Journey Management

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Pre Deployment HEAT Training

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Psychological Welfare


Emergency Evacuation


Cyber Security


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